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Thursday, April 18, 2013

Picture Shopping

Most people use their camera phone to take pictures of their kids, husband, pets or friends . .  . Me? I take pictures of my shopping trips. My sister was going through my pictures once and told me she should just go shopping on my phone. The photo gallery on my phone is full of pictures of things I come across while shopping that I want to possibly buy or recreate. I think I have about 15 pictures of Jeff, 25 of our cat and about 300 pictures of home decor or clothing items. I’m not sure if it is sadder that I have that many pictures of “things” versus people or that I have more pictures of our cat than my husband, hehe.

I’m one of those people who has to look at all of my options and compare the price, color, size, quality . . . and then buy. Which usually means going to several stores. The worst thing for me is to find something that is cheaper and better than something I just bought.

So this past weekend was no different. I wasn’t looking for anything in particular. I just wanted to go to a few places to see what was new. Here are a few items I found. . .   

Great rugs from Ikea. Ranging from $19-$299. That 4x6 polka dot rug is only 19.99! Oh so cute.
Black & white print pillow $12.99, Green Throw $12.99 and Hanging Planter $5.99.
Fabric by the yard from Ikea. A seat reupholstered in one of these fabrics would be really fun.
Baskets from Marshall's. Perfect for storing blankets, toys or used as a planter base. I believe these ranged from $14-$17.
Pillows and puffs. Target always has great throw pillows. I could so easily hoard rugs and throw pillows. I would love to cover half my guest room bed in pillows. Average price was about $25.

I've been searching for some curtains for our master bedroom. Target curtains, $24.99 a panel.
And of course I stopped by the shoe section. New shoes for spring, ranged from $12-$20.
Happy Shopping!


  1. Thanks for taking us "shopping" with you! You really can find some great deals! I have been impressed with many of the items in Target's "Threshold" line...don't know if it is named because many items are for newly weds? or for any home? My town does not have an Ikea but I have heard lots of good things about it.

  2. Love this posting! I have so little time to shop a good deal. It's usually "get in, get out" with something that's close to what I need and want. I felt like I was shopping and enjoying the experience with you. Once again, you have inspired me. Thanks ela's smile!