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Friday, March 29, 2013

DIY Ombre Polka Dot Shirt

Ombre (color fading from dark to light).
As I talked about earlier in the week Ombre is very trendy right now and I'm on board! I've been wanting to make something using this effect and with Easter just around the corner I thought it was the perfect timing.
Here Is What You Need
Elmer's glue
Fabric dye (I used Rite)
Plastic gloves
Laundry detergent
Large container
Craft paper
I used a onesie t-shirt that I had bought a package of for a previous project but you could easily use an adult t-shirt using the same method.
Using Elmer's glue place glue dots where you want your polka dots.  I placed a piece of craft paper in the middle of my shirt so that the glue didn't soak though to the other side. To speed up the drying process I used my blow dryer. I then flipped the shirt over and repeated the process of making glue polka dots on the back of the shirt.

I boiled some water and placed it in a large bowl (about 5-6 cups). I added 1/2 a cup of salt and a teaspoon of laundry detergent. I started off by placing a third of my packet of Rite dye in the bowl.

Place your gloves on and holding the shoulders of the shirt I dipped the entire shirt once. I dipped it fairly quickly. Maybe 8-10 seconds.

I then added another third of the Rite dye. I dipped the shirt this time stopping just under the armpits. I let in linger in the dye a little longer than the first time (30-45 seconds). You can pull the shirt out and check the color and re-insert it into the dye if you think it needs a little darker color.
I mixed the remaining third of the Rite dye in the bowl and dipped the shirt in the dye about a third of the way up the shirt (1-2 minutes).

I hung the shirt outside to dry for an hour then rinsed it with cold water, making sure to wash out the glue dots. I put it in the washer with just a little bit of laundry detergent and then placed it in the dryer.
You end up with a cute little ombre polka dot shirt.

Now I just need to make myself one ;)
Have a Happy Pink Polka Dot Easter!

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  1. This project is sooo fun! Several of my daughters friends got together and with the help of your post, made t-shirts together. They turned out darling! Some other friends saw their shirts and begged them to do some with them. So they did! They had a great time and so did I. Thanks again, Ela's Smile, for your creative inspiration!