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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Striped walls and the secret I found . . .

For awhile I was trying to figure out what to do with our staircase walls. Do I paint them the same color as our living room, should I wallpaper them? I had planned on putting a grasscloth wallpaper up but to save time and money last summer I decided to paint a pattern on them. As I've mentioned before I have a slight obsession right now with grey and white, and blue and white stripes. I quickly get sick of most patterns but stripes are simple, never go out of style and have a fresh beachy feel. I decided to do large thick stripes instead of small stripes so that it didn't look to busy, and horizontal versus vertical for a more modern feel. Vertical stripes seem to have a more traditional look.

Our walls were forest green when we bought our fixer upper house so we primed the walls with a coat of white primer paint.

Our ceiling are vaulted in that area so we had very tall walls to measure and plan out evenly how many stripes we wanted and how thick they were going to be. Enter Jeff. Jeff roughly marked out horizontal lines with a tape measure and pencil where the stripes would be. Instead of painting a second coat of white across the whole wall we painted a second coat of white paint just where the white stripes would approximately go (saved us on paint). After the paint dried over night we more accurately marked and placed painters tape where the grey stripes would be. 

Now here is the secret that I learned from my carpenter husband that will save you a lot of time and frustration. To ensure we got crisp lines we put a VERY thin line of caulk where the tape and wall meet and the grey stripes would be painted between. This helps a lot if you have textured walls like I do.

Just place a few beads of caulk along the edge of the tape and smear it with your finger down the line of tape and wall. Wipe off any excess caulk on the wall with a damp rag.

We let the caulk dry and painted the grey stripes between the now caulk edged painters tape.  

We pulled the tape off just before the paint was completely dry.

Voila! Straight crisp non-bleed through stripes. No touch up.

Here are the scary before pictures of the staircase right before we bought the house :

and the after  . .

 In addition to painting the walls we stained and sealed the step treads, as well as painted the step risers white. The railings we re-painted white and the banisters we striped of their white paint, stained dark and sealed. 

At the landing I put an old iron gate that I bought at a french auction for $50. We sprayed it with an iron rust sealer so that it would stop chipping. I love the layers of paint!


Pinned Image

I've really enjoyed the stripes and there was only one near death incident painting them. Jeff's leaning ladder slipped and fell when painting the overhang, taking him with it. No injuries though, thank goodness!

Happy Painting!!

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  1. As always, you are absolutely amazing, both of you. Love all the ideas you have. Fantastic work!

  2. Hi! I just saw your project on Design Sponge today, and I just wanted to say that I LOVE it! Also, I am hoping to find out more of your process about the work done on the actual staircase and railing. Do you have a post about that? I would like to know the materials you used, did you replace the treads or just stain them, ect.... Thanks so much!