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Friday, December 21, 2012

DIY Painted Kitchen Rug

I can't believe there are only 4 days until Christmas! I feel if I blink it's going to be summer.

We have been finishing up some of the construction in our home and I have been starting to slowly but surely decorate different areas. I was trying to find a new large rug for under my kitchen table nook area but everything I found was either too traditional or too expensive. I wanted something a little modern. I had seen a few other websites paint their own pattern on a rug and have been wanting to try it, so I thought this was my best solution. 

Supplies Needed
1. *Flat woven rug
2. Exacto knife
3. Acrylic paint (I used about 6-7 bottles of Anita's acrylic craft paint in Navy Blue)
4. *Blue painter's tape
5. Plastic cup or container to hold paint
6. Sponge (one with a handle is the best)
7. *Old sheet or tarp to place under the rug
8. Plastic stencil sheet (you can get this at any craft store in the stencil aisle. You can also use freezer paper)
9. Permanent marker

*= not seen in above picture

The rug needs to be a flat woven rug. I bought a light cream/white colored rug from Ikea that you can find here
ERSLEV Rug, flatwoven IKEA

It took me a really long time to try to decide what pattern I wanted to do. I had my rug rolled up and tucked away for a few months because I just couldn't decide what I wanted to do. I went from wanting to do stripes, to a chevron pattern and then I had a completely different stencil cut out ready to use but chickened out because I just still wasn't sure. Then one night it just hit me of what I wanted to do.

Once you have your "ah ha" pattern moment too and figure the mathematics of size and placement on your rug, draw the pattern out with a marker on your stencil sheet or freezer paper and cut it out with an exacto knife. I also used my permanent marker to mark where the surrounding pattern would sit by using the cut out piece from the middle that I was going to throw away to mark around the square sheet of stencil.

Pour your bottle of acrylic paint in your plastic container and add water. You don't want your paint dripping from your sponge but just enough water to thin out the paint so it isn't so thick.

Put a tarp or old sheet down under your rug just in case your paint soaks through and doesn't damage your floor. You will start stenciling in the middle of one end of the rug. Tape down your stencil with painters tape to make sure it doesn't move around. Take your sponge and lightly dab starting from the center of the stencil and work your way out towards the edges of the stencil. My suggestion when using a stencil to keep it from soaking under the edges is to build up the color, start thin and layer the color to make the color darker and filled in. Once your first middle stencil is done work your way out to the edges of either side of your rug with your stencil. Repeat the process with the second row, third row and so on.

The rug took me about a day and a half. I would definitely recommend breaking up the project into two days. I think when everything was said and done I stenciled 90+ pattern marks.

Here is the before picture of our kitchen nook right before we bought
the house with the previous owners furniture still in it. Yup, forest green walls and fuschia red kitchen. It was Christmas year round for that family!

And the after . . .

I really love the rug. It adds a great simple splash of color and pattern to the room.

I haven't washed my rug yet but I've heard of others popping their painted rug in the washer and it holding up well. The rug is not hard or crunchy from the paint. I think adding water to thin out the paint helps with this.

Hope that gives a little decor inspiration.

P.S. You might also enjoy our DIY striped staircase.

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  1. Stunning! I wish I had an Ikea close to me now! Hey I nominated you for the One Lovely Blog Award, check it out here:

  2. I love this! I am always looking for the perfect rug and can never make a decision. This is perfect and I DO have an ikea close by!

  3. What a fabulous rug!! You did such a nice neat job too. Well done! :)

  4. you're srsly a genius!

    stopping by via MMS and hope you'll find a moment to come hang out, dream, reflect, share and notice lovely.

    smiles to you, lovely blogger.


  5. Really love this rug! You did a great job! ~Kristie

  6. Very impressive! You did a great job. Found you from mms. Now I'm gonna look around your blog. It's so pretty.

  7. This turned out so darn well! What a great DIY!

  8. This looks very impressive...great DIY


  9. Wow, that is beautiful! I'm always a sucker for those great patterned rugs but the price tag is a huge deterrent. This is the perfect solution! I'm pinning this for future reference. :)

  10. Looks great thanks for sharing - how do you think you will clean it if it gets soiled?

  11. And -
    this might be a good way to salvage an old rug - flip it over and if the back side is basically one color - paint it!

  12. This is fab! I'm also in love with the wall color. Mind sharing the color name? :-)

  13. Hi Ela - I love this project and I also have this exact IKEA rug, sitting in the corner doing nothing :)
    Can you please tell me the size of the stencil sheet? Did you tape two 8x10 in sheets? Thanks!

    1. I actually used just one sheet, I believe it was an 8 x 10 sheet.

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  15. The color on the wall is Benjamin Moore, Stonington Gray.