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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Dallas Anniversary Trip

Jeff and I celebrated our anniversary this last month in Dallas. Neither one of us have been there and I have always heard great things about its art and fashion. It had been a while since we had gone on a trip with just the two of us and it felt like a little second honeymoon.

We started our weekend by going to the JFK museum located on the 6th floor of the Texas School Book Depository building. The museum has photos and video of JFK and documents his family, presidency and death. The far right window, second window down is where Lee Harvey Oswald is believed to have been when he shot JFK.

On the road running in front of the building there are two painted X's to mark where JFK was shot.

We went to the Dallas Theater Center, which is the only theater in the United States 
designed by Frank Lloyd Wright.

Behind the theater is a pretty little park.

We also ate yummy food.

My favorite part of the vacation was going to the Nasher Sculpture Center. I was surprised to find that the center had a lot of famous artists, such as Pablo Picasso, Rodin, Degas and Matisse. Here are a few of my favorite pieces.

(artist: Antony Gormley)
(artist: Alberto Giacometti)

(artist: Edgar Degas)

(artist: Naum Gabo)

(artist: Magdalena Abakanowicz)

 (Not sure who this artist is but this is one of my favorites)
(Artist: Aristide Maillol)

On the lower level of the gallery there is an installation by artist Martin Creed. The space has approximately 9,000 gold balloons filling the space to almost 8 feet in height. Museum workers let you into the room and you are allowed to walk and play in the balloons. It was so fun. I felt like a kid jumping into a Chuck E Cheese ball pit.

We also went to the Dallas Arboretum and Botanical Garden. The Arboretum has just about every plant, tree and flower you can imagine. The grounds are beautiful with wide open spaces, mazes and little nooks and crannies
for a more intimate setting. Everywhere you look there is a lovely scene for a photo.

Our last day we went to the Dallas Farmer's Market and picked up one of the best pineapples that I've ever had.

Here is a little video that we took going through the balloon exhibit at the Nasher Sculpture Center. Please excuse the hair, but, well, I had several balloons rubbing against it and it caused quit a bit of static.


 We had a great time and I'm so happy that I get to spend the rest of my life
with someone who makes me feel special every day.

Wishing you a wonderful and inspiring weekend!

p.s. My birthday is later this month and I'm turning the big 30 . . . . yikes! Thirty is the new twenty though, right?
I want to go on a short trip for my birthday. Any suggestions?


  1. The balloons look like fun. Im happy for you two, many happy years ahead of you.

  2. Absolutely loved the pictures. Didn't you love the farmer's market? Arlington would be a fun short trip. They have a huge flea market, at least they did 10 years ago. Check it out. Glad you had a wonderful time. Love you two.

  3. thanks for the video...I felt like I was in the balloon room with you! So fun! Was the video hard to do and post on your blog? What effect did you use on several of your pictures to give them kind of a vintage/color saturated feel?